Friday, September 07, 2007

The sweater grows

Still can't seem to get posting regularly, but now that I joined in the fifth International Scarf Exchange, I'm obliged to blog, so perhaps I'll get in the habit of it!

The sweater is coming along--I took a break for much of the summer. Who wants 2 pounds of wool in their lap?? I'm almost to the shoulder seams--you can see the armhole steek on the side here (this is the front again).

It seems freakishly long, somehow, but then I've never knit an adult sweater in this shape (I knit a raglan one so the sleeves were melded in and it looked much more sweatery). I was hoping to put a big frothy shawl collar on it, but I really can't figure out how to knit that. I'm not working from a pattern, but from Knitting in the Old Way, and I can't quite visualize the shawl collar. I still have a couple inches to go till I make the shoulder seams, so I'm not commited yet. Maybe I'll still figure it out!



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