Monday, September 29, 2008


I just arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. My flights here didn't go so well. I had to go through security in Hamburg and they decided to swab my laptop (too many stickers on it?). It came back positive for "TNT". So did the second try. I spent the next 40 minutes standing there trying not to cry while surrounded by German policemen while we all waited for a manager to come clean the machine. After cleaning, they ran some more swabs which came out negative and eventually I was let go, with my laptop!

Note to self..... First stop tomorrow will be to buy an external drive to back this thing up--I'm really bad about keeping on top of that stuff.

While I was searching for more info on false positives, I came across false positives for semen--home infidelity tests! Sad and creepy all rolled into one!

Apparently, cleaning fluids can often be confused for TNT on these airport machines. My apartment was just professionally cleaned, so that's certainly a possibility. The real question, however, is what do I now use to clean my laptop before the next flight. I want to get rid of the old, bad residue, but I don't want to just introduce new, bad residue!! Anyone got any great cleaning tips? Keep in mind I don't speak Estonian!!!!

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