Saturday, October 06, 2007

Scarf started!!

I found some yarn for my spoilee's scarf!! The yarn selection is pretty disappointing to me over here in Switzerland, but I think I'm used to being spoiled a bit with big stores and a lot of selection. I decided I wanted to knit something lighter, so I wanted a very fine yarn, but I couldn't find any at all lighter than sport weight. Very strange. They also arrange the yarn here by color rather than yarn composition. I know that's great for the color folks, but I tend to be more of a fiber person--I want to go around touching different yarn blends until I find the one that's the right feel and weight, and then pick the color. Here I am drawn to the burgandy box (I'm obsessed with that color), and then I find a yarn I really like, but when I go to find it in another color, I can't seem to dig it out. Grr. Enough ranting.

I decided to just go with something lightish and fluffy and knit it on freakishly large needles. Here's is a whiteout (too much flash) shot of the yarn, which really captures the color and the halo-y aspect of it!

And here is the first half-repeat of the pattern I'm trying out: "Japanese Feather" from Barbara Walker's 2nd treasury. It's hard to see the wavy edges since I didn't knit much yet, but it's so light it practically floats! I'm knitting it on that size 15 (10mm) needle, but I slipped it onto another one just for the photo. I'm finding it hard to knit on bamboo--I normally knit everything on Addi Turbos (that long skinny thing is the only pair of straight needles I own)... Ironically, living in Switzerland, less than an hour from Germany, I am unable to find a store selling Addi Turbos. Which are german. I also can't find anyone selling the german Halflinger slippers I am addicted to.

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