Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy happy joy joy

Look at them! They are the exact same size as my feet! They were a joy to wear on my flight home from Tromso, Norway. And the next day after my "bonus" night in Oslo due to weather delays and missing my connecting flight.

It's a funny thing--having never, in my entire life, had socks that fit, it had never occurred to me that I could have socks that fit, and what that would feel like (and thus be motivated to knit them). I can see I've started down a slippery slope of wanting things that Fit Right. I'n well into my second pair, and I joined a sock yarn club!!! I seem to be knitting 3 socks per pair, though, because my gauge stinks (and I'm using handspun) and keep getting a sock in the wrong size. Maybe this will finally get me to work on my gauge issues?

I also have been secretly mulling over the idea of knitting up some panties, another item that never fits or suits my "princess and the pea" issues with tags and other things that rub strangely. It boggles my mind how I totally missed the fact that by knitting my own socks I could totally avoid the dreaded clumps/seams by the toes which drive me nuts. Well, at least I'm on the right road now!

More to come--pictures from Tromso, "exciting" developments at work, even some actual science content!



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