Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm smitten

by socks!

For all my years of knitting I refused to knit socks--I couldn't see the point, the thought of all those toothpick needles and a billion stitches, plus the fact that I'm pretty hard on things, especially things I'm walking on. I tried knitting a pair of knee high socks about 4 years ago--I got halfway through the second one and realized the first one was way, way too small, and I hadn't kept notes about the calf increasing, and I just stuffed them into a box for 3 years of punishment.

Saturday a friend of mine asked me about turning a heel--she was trying to learn to knit socks. I couldn't make sense of the instructions on the spot, but suddenly I was motivated to go home and knit at least one so I could explain it to her. Of course, as soon as I got a little ways into it, I realized what all the hype was--so fast! So fun! And Chaos' mom was right--they are very soothing to knit--I don't even need a pattern now that I understand the construction!

The real "killer app" was trying it on and realizing it was going to fit my sasquatch foot. Fit it perfectly (well, ok, it actually, didn't, but I ripped and adjusted for my gauge, and now it does). Oh, heaven. I haven't had socks that fit in so long (20 years?) that it had stopped occurring to me that they could fit.

Plus look at that gorgeous yarn! It reminds me of orange cream soda!

And I cast on a little pi shawl/blanket:



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