Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm almost speechlees

But I'm never really entirely without something to say...

I found these chocolates last week. Katzenzuengli translates to cat tongues, although the "li" on the end actually forms a diminutive, making it cat tonguey-wungies (you know, like bunny-wunny or something equally embarrassing). Given the picture of the adorable cuddly kittens, I would have expected the diminutive on cat. This just adds to the bizarre mystique these have. [And even better, they were 50% off!]

And because I'm spoiled, I got a new ipod nano this week. I couldn't believe the packaging--way to go Apple!! The headphones I bought with it came in 5 times as much packaging. Having read Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte (and queued and coveting Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things), I'm even more aware of unnecessary (not to mention annoying) packaging. [Whoa, what's going on with my thumb. Does it look as bizarre to everyone else as it suddenly does to me???]

And the best buy of my trip to London (pictures coming soon--my Matlab script that I use to generate my travel pages is currently unusable as my Matlab installation (along with all my other X11 software) broke when I upgraded to OS10.5, which was necessary so I could play with my ipod right away.)



Blogger Chris said...

Cat tongues?! Elephant poo paper?!? Ye gads. Congrats on the nano!


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