Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My tiny fridge

My fridge defies the laws of physics. It is well known that hot air rises and cold air sinks. This leads me to assume that in a fridge with poor circulation, the bottom shelf would be coldest. In my dorm sized fridge things in the door are warm (spoil in 2 days) while things in the back are cold (freeze solid). I realize this must be because the door leaks (like a mofo, apparently). I'm just astonished that in such a small space no convection occurs, sliding the slab of cold air at the back down to the bottom.

I was reading something about how wasteful Americans are, and our obscenely large refrigerators and how the Europeans always make do with little ones. My small fridge has been another thing I just cannot adjust to, and I was feeling bad about my wasteful, consumerist desires for a full sized fridge with a freezer more than 4 inches tall. But now that I think about it, I suspect a modern, energy efficient larger fridge is probably better than this thing, since it's so poorly insulated. Food lasts about 4 days (well, aside from the thin layer of inadvertently frozen food at the back), which means I'm not only wasting energy cooling the air in front of the fridge, but I also throw out far more food than I ever have in my life because I can't get the balance right. I shop 3 to 4 times a week an an attempt to buy smaller quantities. But because I bring food everywhere (thank you, celiac disease), I tend to cook largish quantities of soups and stews that can be transported. Apparently, I always cook just a bit more than I can eat in 4 days. When I try to be more careful and cook less, I always seem to run out of food entirely and wind up eating nothing but plain brown rice for 3 days. (Whose dumb idea was this whole "being an adult" thing, anyway?)

I struggle here with the balance of work and life and play, and getting errands done and food cooked and house cleaned. This fall I joined the choir at my church for the Christmas Carols. I enjoyed it tremendously, but it turned out to be more time than I had to spare, so I've really been swamped. In the new year I want to take a look at my time-priorities and perhaps arrange my life a bit more thoughtfully so I'm spending my time doing the things I choose rather than rushing around playing catchup, resenting the commitments I've taken on.

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Blogger Chris said...

Ok, it's not like I have a lot in my fridge, and it's on my list of things to replace since it's probabaly the least energy-efficient one ever made, but I would go barking mad with what you're dealing with! Yikes.


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