Friday, November 30, 2007


I got my ISE5 scarf!! Here is a shiny picture of the package--I was so eager to unwrap it that I couldn't take a better photo. I then didn't post for a couple days because my electricity went out from a fuse that blew itself while I was sleeping. It's harder to find fuses here than I thought--I got yelled at by one clerk in a store that didn't have them, finally found them in another store and the cashier wouldn't let me by them, possibly because I appeared a bit suspect because I was buying the store's entire stock of baking soda (which comes in pathetic little 50 g packets here--trying to make bath fizzies means a lot of packets), which irked the nosy neighbor behind me in line who asked me three times what I did I need so much baking soda for. I should have said cleaning, which I know the german word for. Instead I just kept saying I didn't know the word. Anyway, I finally found, and was able to buy, fuses at another store. Really, if my life was a movie, I wouldn't believe it, it's so absurd! Onto the goodness:

Here is the scarf--I love it!! I had requested something a bit longer, but I actually *love* the length of this. I'm such an automaton that I had requested exactly what I'd always knit for myself, and I tend to get stuck in ruts. That's what is so great about this scarf exchange--someone else makes something and of course the minute I put it on I love it, and it gets me out of the little box I sometimes get stuck in! The yarn is so soft and I love the colors! Plus it was all minty smelling from the other goodies--mmmmm! Thanks, Cecily!!!

And, yes, that IS the periodic table on my shower curtain. Partially hidden in the mirror by the poster of Geometric shapes with formulae for their areas and volumes....

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Blogger Chris said...

Cute scarf!

Only in little packets?! My goodness. I send people to CostCo to buy me the 10 lb bags of baking soda for kitty litter "conditioning."

Blogger --elf-- said...

Ah, you feel my pain! It took me (no joke) an hour of searching the baking section to find them when I first moved here--I was unconsciously scanning for the yellow box, of course, but also just for something Big! 50g is basically single use in a recipe. It does mean it's awfully fresh!

Blogger ginaknits said...

Ah, the Swiss and the Swiss penchant for making each task as complex as possible. I lived in Luzern for several months and worked at the Migros. My favorite Swiss market strategy was stocking the shelves during the busiest part of the day!

Blogger Sez said...

Like the scarf!

Also like the blog. Great to see/read about your Swiss life.


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