Monday, November 26, 2007

Felt weekend

I spent the weekend knitting, when I should have been practicing for the choir that I ill-advisedly joined for Lessons and Carols services this year. I've been wanting a felted bag, and decided to design my own, even though I claim to hate designing my own knitted things. I guess it depends on what it is--sweaters I find stressful (all that shaping and construction to work out) and scarves too (it curls, it curls, but a garter stitch edging on lace just looks hideous!). Felt bags, apparently, don't stress me out. I'm all about the felt these days--I'm a fairly productive knitter, but I'm actually kind of a crappy one, if you actually look at my knit stitches, which tend to be uneven. And I gloss over a LOT of details, because I'm far more interested in the process than having a perfect final product, and I'm happy to wear things with mistakes and so forth. Now that I know I can felt in my building's washer, I revel in the glory of felt, which hides all such imperfections!!

So I started this bag, which has a garter stitch base and then picked up and knit up in the round. The pattern is Fireflowers from Barbara Walker's second treasury. I lurve this bag already!!!

I felted and blocked the kittypi--another happy project which I will send off to my folks today for my cat.



Blogger Chris said...

Now, if you wrote that pattern down, I bet you could get it in MagKnits or something - it's shaping up to be a cool looking bag.


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