Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweater update

I should get sick more often. I am jamming through some knitting this week! I *finally* finished the body of the sweater!!! I was stalled out trying to figure out what to do with the neck, and how deep the armholes needed to be, and did the cables need to be in a certain place before I could attach front and back.

My dad's wife reminded me that shawl collars (my original plan) are a bad idea for people who already tend to run hot--all that extra wool around the neck! That was the biggest issue--then I mostly just needed to Get. The. Sweater. Out. Of. Exile.

I finished up the body and did a 3-needle bind off for the shoulders--I *love* that! I'd never done it before and I'm willing to say I may never sew a seam again--I'll find some way to 3NBO it!!

here's the front--I left the cardigan steek in place until I figure out what I am doing for the neck, in case I want to knit that in the round too.

And the back:

And best of all I even dealt with the armhole steeks! I laddered the steek stitches, cut the spanning threads in half, and wove in all the ends. Yes there were well over 150 of them..... It's funny that I don't mind Kitchener stitch (actually, I kind of like it), I love 3 needles bind off, I don't even mind weaving in ends, but I. Hate. Sewing. Seams.

Here is the inside of one side of an armhole:



Blogger Too Little Time said...

Very Nice!!

Blogger Pheelya said...

I love the cables!!


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