Friday, October 19, 2007

Finished another UFO!

I've been home sick a couple of days, so I've made some good progress on the scarf. And I pulled this hemp towel out of the bottom of my basket and finished it! Now I just need to wash it in hot water 300 times to get it to soften up a bit. I love the yarn but not for knitting---way too stiff. I'd love to try weaving with it, though. I thought about trying to knit it wet (I know that helps for spinning) but I couldn't figure out the logistics besides just knitting in the bath???



Blogger Pheelya said...

Love the colors! I have some linen skeins at home that I want to turn into hand towels. Have you knitted with linen before? Is it just as stiff as hemp when you get started?

Blogger --elf-- said...

i've knitted some linen/cotton blends, which were perfectly normal--felt like knitting regular cotton. the hemp yarn is stiff even just picking it up, so i knew before i cast on it would be hard. i just love the natural fibers so much. i'm hoping there is some softer hemp out there--i haven't had a chance to explore too much.


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