Friday, October 12, 2007

Red single

Here's a bit of the first single I'm spinning from the yarn I dyed on the weekend. I like the color, but this is my first time really trying to spin lace yarn. I had been thinking I would spin it for the Mystery Waters KAL, but several problems became evident:
    Red isn't exactly in the 'water' theme, unless I pretended I meant it to mean that glorious red that clouds (which ARE water) turn during sunset
  • I have 6.5 ounces of roving, and I need 1200m of yarn for the shawl, leading to a tremendous amount of anxiety pervading every minute of spinning. Doesn't make it the 'fun hobby' it's supposed to be...
  • I spin pretty slowly. Especially this thin stuff!

So in the end I ordered some gorgeous yarn from in the 'San Francsico' colors. I lived in SF for 6 years, and I LOVED the fog there, so this has all kinds of warm fuzzies for me! Plus less anxiety, which is always a bonus for this nervous one. And the wonderfully helpful people on the KAL pointed to me to where I can order Addi metal lace knitting needles--can't get them here in Switzerland, which is ironic since they are a German company and I live less than an hour from Germany. Anyhow, I am now dialed into the German yarn store world and am VERY pleased!!!

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Blogger Too Little Time said...

Beautiful, thin yarn - Great Job! Karrie


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