Saturday, October 06, 2007

$750 sunglasses

Ever wonder what a 900CHF ($750) pair of sunglasses looks like?

Nope, me neither. Until I left the glasses shop on Thursday and realized how much I had just spent on these:

Now, that did involve an extra charge for having to replace the lenses. The original sunnies were in normal sunglass frames, but with my nearly-blind prescription, even the small curve for the flattest-I-could-find frames was still enough to cause distortion in the left eye. You know, the kind that gives you and instant throw-up headache. They let me return the frames for 100% refund, the the lenses I got only 50% back. But I'd already decided I really wanted prescription sunnies now that I can't wear contacts anymore (and I'm tired of just complaining about it all--time to ACT), so we thought maybe I could just get regular glasses and put dark lenses in them. Not as good eye coverage, but better than nothing (and far better than the grandpa over-glasses look I was sporting). Somehow, when all was said and done, I wound up paying 891 CHF for these. Ouch!



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