Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dying roving

I decided to dye some more roving today. I joined the Mystic Waters KAL (although signups are over here) because when you are languishing on one enormous lace shawl, heck, the best thing to do is start another! Ha ha.

Then there is the yarn problem. As I complained yesterday, I just can't find my way around the yarn stores here in Zurich, at least not when it comes to finger/lace weight, or hand painted, or silk, or or or. Then I got the idea to knit it with qiviut, that obscenely expensive fine down of the musk ox. I've gotten over the sticker shock of living in Switzerland and have been known to spend a lot of money without too much pain, but when I realized this shawl would run to $300 for the yarn I actually balked.

The last yarn I spun was actually pretty fine, so I thought maybe I could either just spin it a bit finer (rather, spin it ALL fine rather than some fine and some a bit bigger) or just knit the singles. I really like working with my hand dyed stuff, so I am dying about 7 oz of something (my roving isn't labelled since all I ever buy is Blue Faced Leicester, although I think this is something else that I bought when I first learned to spin and was trying some stuff out) with "rust" dye.

The wet wool, waiting:

The hot dyed wool, simmering to absorb all the dye. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!



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