Saturday, October 06, 2007


I splurged and bought this 70% bamboo, 30% cotton yarn yesterday when I was getting the yarn for my ISE5 secret pal. I've been reading about bamboo for years and always wanted to try it. I love the sheen and the stitch definition (although much beyond the gage swatch and you start to see how uneven my stitches are...), so I might whip up a little cabled something. Nevermind about the lint--it was in the bag with the lighter-than-air angora yarn!

Today I'm writing the "letter of application" for a tenure track professor position. I'm crapping myself with fear just at the idea of applying, and keep talking myself out of it and then back into it. Can't hurt to apply! And I already did the hard work of writing a research plan and teaching philosophy statement. I need to send the package in on Wed so I have to get things done this weekend. But I find it hard to work on this kind of thing for longer than about 10 minutes at a time. Guess I'll have a really clean toilet and sink by the end of the weekend....



Blogger Too Little Time said...

Apply - whats the absolute worse thing that could happen, they send you a nice letter of rejection. If 50 people apply 49 will get one of those. You might just be the steller that they're looking for - Be Brave, Be Bold, Get that Letter in the Mail - :) Karrie


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