Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh yeah

AND this week I sent off my professor application!! It's a pretty exciting accomplishment for me that I even applied--I waded through all the hours of low self esteem and managed to finish the application and send it in! And today I submitted my first paper for publication for my PhD. We have to publish 3 papers, and I have only 9 months left (eep!!). This feels like a big milestone, since the second paper is half written. I have only 1.5 left to do, rather than 3.



Blogger Too Little Time said...

YEAH for you!! At a girl for sending off your application and plugging away at your publications. Kudos - Karrie

Blogger Laurie said...

Woot! Planning on teaching in Europe or the States?
Welcome to Knitter's Coffee Swap! Combining coffee and knitting is a great way to greet and receive the colder weather and shorter days of light.

Blogger --elf-- said...

Thanks!! The job is in the US, which I miss more than I like to admit!


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