Sunday, October 14, 2007


I cut myself yesterday cooking. Not with my giant Henckels chef's knife, which is how I normally accidentally hurt myself. No, I cut the crap out of my finger trying to get my stupid baking sheet out of the cupboard. The baking sheets here are more like jelly roll pans for making very thin cakes. On top of that they are length adjustable because there are two parts that slide together or further apart. This always confused me, since it seemed like the batter would leak out. The one I have came with my apartment and clearly did have a leaky cake made in it, since the two parts no longer slide, apparently being welded together by some ancient burned crust of batter.

Anyhow, the edges of these things roll up into a lip, but I didn't know they don't finish the edge--it's a big jaggedy edge of metal, but it's rolled to the underside where you wouldn't normally have to deal with it. Unless your pan is caught between the lip of the cupboard and the muffin tin stacked inside it, and you grab the edge and give a big tug, slicing the crap out of your finger.


I eventually went to the ER (new adventure for me in Switzerland) partly because the thing wouldn't stop bleeding, and partly because it's right on the pad of my right index finger. The trackpad spot, the rubbing yarn with thumb and forefinger spot, kind of the everything spot. So I really don't want a big nerveless scar right there, so perhaps stitches were in order?

I was seen by three "doctors" whose *combined* ages might have been 30, who managed to keep from smirking at me when I suggested stitches. Instead the "sister" (nurse) came in and bandaged it up into, well, a giant tampon:



Blogger Victoria said...

Ouch! I came over from the ISE 5 blog. Hope it is not too sore. I managed to do a similar thing once on my locker at school...

Blogger --elf-- said...

It's a weird injury, isn't it--I wasn't sure anyone would understand! It's already on the mend, though--whew!


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