Sunday, October 14, 2007

Knitters Coffee Swap 3 questions

Here are the questions for Knitters' Coffee Swap 3. I'm so excited I made it in!

1. Whole bean or ground?

Ooh, this is tough. For about 15 years I've been buying whole bean and grinding it with my Zassenhaus wooden hand-crank coffee grinder. But a month ago I finally had to admit that it was no longer working right--it won't grind fine anymore. I usually use a Melita filter (or my new stovetop espresso machine!!) so I need a really fine grind. So for now, ground!

2. Fully-loaded or decaf?

Oh leaded, for sure!

3. Regular or flavored?


4. How do you drink your coffee?

With a lot of cream. I once had a pair of khaki pants that turned out to be the exact color of how I take my coffee--it was great! The spills never showed!!

5. Favorite coffee ever?

Favorite bean was the Sumatran bean roasted by Spinelli Coffee in San Francisco, before they got bought out by a chain.

Favorite drink was the "flat white" in New Zealand, which, as far as I could work out, is between a cappucino and a latte in terms of espresso to milk ratio, but with *no foam*. I hate the foam! But Italy has the best overall coffee!

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?

I'm pretty fussy. I like sumatran because the acidity is low but the taste is really solid. It's hard to find beans here with that level of detail (the grocery store just has "arabica") :(

7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?

Well, back in the day it was a cigarette, but I've given those up!! Hmm, actually this is stumping me. I was diagnosed Celiac in March this year, which means no gluten (which is in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, oats, and a *lot* of hidden additives) so I've had to go off most treats. Plain chocolate is still a winner, though! Sorry, I know this doesn't help you, pal. I think non-food treats are probably safest for me!

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?

You mean, I haven't been picky enough??

9. Yarn/fiber you love?

Wool, silk, organic cotton. I love hemp and linen but sometimes they are hard to knit with. I just discovered angora--yum!

10. Yarn/fiber you hate?

Alpaca--it always feels so soft on my hands and so scratchy on my face! I don't usually go for hairy fibers because they tickle me, and I don't like acrylic.

11. What's on your needles?

A) Self-designed cabled cardigan which I am knitting in the round with Harrisville orchid yarn. I love their yarn!! Body is almost done (4 or 5" to the shoulders). Then I have to do the sleeves and figure out a neck. Oh and cut the steek and all that... I have fasteners made from reindeer antler, so I have to work out a buttonhole alternative too.

B) Lighter than air shawl from a book of Icelandic shawls from Schoolhouse Press. Knit with wool/silk yarn that is very very fine!

C) Hemp dishtowel--pattern is from Mason Dixon knitting. I find the yarn stiff and my fingers ache after a few rows, which makes me sad since I love hemp so much.

D) Monks Travel Satchel---just finished the beastly strap!

E) Angora/merino blend in a lace scarf for my secret pal in ISE5. This thing floats it's so light!!

Hey that's not as bad as I thought for UFOs!

12. Favorite colors?

I guess the fall colors. I am obsessed with reds, especially burgandyish ones, and pumpkin colors. And earthy browns and greys, dark greens. They're not gloomy, they're cosy!!

13. Allergies?

None to yarns, but I am allergic to gluten.

14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?

Now I'm stumped, like one time in a seminar when someone whispered "say something profound!"



Blogger TuttleTime said...


You asked me a question on the post I left at ISE5, regarding the yarn I am using. Here you go:

Berroco JASPER
100% Fine Merino Wool
Color 3810

I love the soft and fluffiness of this yarn. The color also comes out in nice shades when it's crochet/knit. Enjoy!!! :) Stop by any time. Angie T.


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