Sunday, December 09, 2007

Firebag, and some startitis

[Squeal]! (If you know me, you know that's a very loud noise!) I finished the fireflowers bag!! Here it is in its improvised blocking situation (erm, please, no making fun of the book on self esteem which is showcased in this shot):

I might have overfelted it, but not disastrously so. The flowers don't have much definition, but maybe that would have been the case regardless. I'm not sure if I should try to shave them a bit, to remove the layer of purpley lint on them? The strap was a bit short--I ran out of yarn (that thing ate yarn like it was going out of style). I think I can always rewet and stretch the strap.

Here it was before blocking:

It went from being 19" high, 15" wide, 6" deep (the body) to 14x12x6. The flap went from 14" long by 15" wide to 11x11, and the strap went from 4" wide (after the bag-edge-decreases) and 53" long to 2.5" and 47" long. Funny how asymmetric it is. I haven't weighed it yet but it is pretty heavy. But it can double as an impromptu bullet proof vest! It's like a superhero accessory!!

And then, as a reward, I indulged my startitis and cast on a scarf using the "Hearts of Oak" pattern in Barbara Walker's 4th Treasury. It took me 5 tries to figure out the pattern. I kept running out of stitches and then finally figured out I was misunderstanding the increases at the beginning and end of the first 4 pattern rows. I'm using Lang Silkdream (silk and merino blend) in one of my favorites--gloomy winter skies grey. Sigh. I love this color and the yarn is unbelievably soft!



Blogger Too Little Time said...

Boy have you been busy - Love the grey - one of my favorite colors as well - Karrie

Blogger Chris said...

Adventures in felting!! :) I had one bag that felted/overfelted SO FAST that by the time I got it out of the washer, it had become a freestanding wastebasket... Whoops!


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