Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Simple pleasures

One of the joys of being home is being able to cook my favorite foods:

A grilled cheese sandwich made with Tillamook sharp cheddar and Bob's Red Mill gluten free bread.

A simple tostada.

I could make these in Switzerland, but they were both a huge hassle, requiring several extra shopping trips across town to assemble all the ingredients or their closest Swiss imitator. It's nice to be able to get everything I need at my local grocery store and cook it in my enormous cast iron skillet on a gas stove.

Based on the robocalls to my new phone number (when did robocalls get invented?? I don't remember them at all), the number wasn't out of service for long enough. The previous owner of this number was apparently a diabetic who owned both a car and a house and also had a huge amount of unsecured debt that needs consolidating. It's like reconstructing someone's life from their garbage or grocery list!



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