Friday, April 04, 2008


I started some swatches for my ISE 6 pal.

The bottom one is the actual color! I picked up some Lang MerinoSeta (70% merino, 30% silk). It's dreamy soft to the touch. The store I was shopping at let me use my loyalty points to pay, so I splurged and bought 6 balls (150m, 50g each) so I wouldn't have to freak out about running out!

It also meant I had enough to swatch like mad--usually I get a little worried that I'm overswatching and wearing out the yarn if it's a strandy-splitty one like this is. Yes, that is possibly the worst excuse you've ever heard for why someone doesn't swatch enough. Heh.

I haven't decided which pattern to use--I love the squishy berries (a) but I feel like a spring scarf should go more for lace and less for squishy? I love the waves that form in (b). I did (c) mostly because Barbara Walker claimed the back side looked like elephants!! I kind of see that. I'm not so excited about the parentheses look on the front side, though!

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