Friday, April 11, 2008

My lucky day!

So I've been pondering another sweater project, even though in my head I swear off sweaters every time I finish one, and I definitely swear off designing them myself.

So I've been pondering designing another sweater (ha). I want to knit something really lightweight that I could actually wear indoors. I tend to live in my Icebreaker shirts all winter, so I should be able to get away with something really thin. Here's what I'd been thinking about:

  • thin, preferably wool--something to hold it's shape
  • something lacy to keep it lighter
  • ooh, lacy--how about a nice scalloped edge on the bottom? That would be pretty
  • Something that would flatter my shape.
  • I'm determined to break out of my red rut. I loves me some red! Some days I wear 4 different red garments at once! I'm sure my officemate thinks I'm colorblind. Oh, ha ha, especially since I've developed a special colorblind-friendly color palette that I use in all my data plots at work, and I'm always harping about it being colorblind friendly. Heh.

    Anyhow, I have blue eyes (nice ones, so I'm told) and when I wear certain shades of blue certain friends start exclaiming about the garment and my eyes, so I thought I'd go for a nice blue.

That's about as far as I'd gotten. I ordered a bit of yarn (here and here--couldn't resist a bit of red for the swatching! Click on an item and then on the picture in the item page for a bigger view) to play around with--just to work on some stitches and fabric weights (what is this drape of which you speak?). And of course, to indulge in some nice Evilla colorways (pdf)!

Then a totally unrelated Ravelry conversation tipped me on to Merike Saarniit, where I discovered this sweater called Rosemary (go here and scroll down a bit).

flurryflurry Ravelry flurry

I am now the proud owner (eagerly awaiting shipping) of a kit (the last one in stock!), in that exact shade of blue to make this thin, lacy, scalloped-edged, flattering to all types, sweater! How cool is that!

And here's this week's sciencey awww, a face only a mother could love



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