Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ISE6 goodness!

Oh! Looky what came in the mail today!!

Look at this awesome scarf my pal made for me!! It's super soft merino and a gorgeous offwhite color (compared to my offwhite duvet cover...). Plus she sent that cute little bag of stitch markers (which she made herself!) which have very spring-like, good-karma messages on them, a funny book about cats, and a nice long letter introducing herself! I adore the scarf--squishy heaven!! Yay!!! This package totally made my day, which I needed after having another thesis-induced meltdown yesterday (more on that later). Thank you sooo much, dogyarnfun!!

I cast on for a sideways-knit-vest using the Evilla artyarn that arrived last week--those will be vertical stripes. I forgot to take pictures of the skeins and handwound the balls so it's hard to see much of the color variation. I'm very excited about it!

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