Friday, June 06, 2008

The dark side

It's finally happened--I've gone over to the dark side.... of crochet!

I've been meaning to learn to crochet for ages but I was a little bit afraid to because there are so many cute crochet animal/toy patterns out there that I was worried that once I learned to crochet, they'd find my body buried under an avalanche of little wool bunnies and so forth! Ha ha!

But the "killer app" finally turned out to be this sunhat. My eyes are pretty sensitive to sunlight, but since giving up contacts (dry eyes), I haven't found a satisfactory sunglass solution (expensive mistakes aside). I have one sunhat that works pretty well, but it's a camping kind of hat and most of my friends cringe when I wear it in the city. I've been scoping out straw hats to buy, but then got the bug to make my own, and found this pattern. So I taught myself crochet, worked up this sad little square of sc about 10 times, and then jumped in and made this hat. I had to make it up twice in total, but in the end it came out perfect:

I made it with some AllHemp6 I had lying around, and was excited to discover that I can crochet with it. I found knitting with it killed my hands, but I adore the end result, so now I'm dreaming up all these crocheted hemp projects!

I've also been working on my EZ Bog Jacket, which I'm totally thrilled with. I'm using that Evilla artyarn I'd ordered to play around with. First I tried to make it into a vest of my own design, but once I got past the armhole and realized it was totally the wrong size, I ripped it and started this. I'm particularly enamored of the "racing stripe" possibilities, such as in this example.

I know, it doesn't look like much when it's all piled up in a blob... You can see the phoney seams (where it wants to fold on itself) and that I've cast on extra stitches to make the full length sleeves--so I'm about half done with it. I had knit up a ginormous gauge swatch, and guess what. It worked! Right before I cast on the extra sleeve stitches, I put the thing on a couple of needles and laid it out flat and it was exactly 44", the intended size. I was stunned, actually. I kept gauge for 800 square inches of knitting!!!

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